ABB Ability™ Life Cycle Assessment for drives

Service that tells you the facts

It’s a well known fact that time is money. Maximizing profit means that every part of your process is running uninterrupted, without surprises. Predictability saves time, cuts costs and ultimately, keeps your business effective. Built to support your expertise, we equip you with ABB Ability Life Cycle Assessment. It gives you powerful knowledge to determine exactly where your process stands, now and in the future.


  • Equips you with facts - In ABB Ability Life Cycle Assessment, you can combine the drives maintenance status with their criticality to the process or application. This gives you powerful knowledge to determine exactly where your business infrastructure stands.

  • Empowers decision-making - ABB Ability Life Cycle Assessment highlights the most critical drives so clear priorities for maintenance can be set.

  • Maximizes your profit - Service budgeting can be optimized as the total plant’s maintenance actions can be planned in advance. As a result, fewer unexpected interruptions will occur.


ABB Ability Life Cycle Assessment for Drives service delivery

Drive registration

Before any assessments can be done, every drive needs to be registered. During registration, the drive criticality can also be defined and customer identification and application data will be entered.

Getting started

We collect and prepare all applicable data on your drives, along with detailed service history and environment of the installation. Together with the invaluable insight of on-site professionals, we gather all the crucial data about your technical infrastructure.

Getting into detail

We go into detail with each drive, with processed information including age, location, business impact, effects of operating environment, service history, as well as all additional third party servicing and part replacements.

Getting an analysis

This is where the Life Cycle Assessment service gets to show off its strength. The system combines the variables of each drive to produce a comprehensive picture of your entire technical infrastructure that allows you to define and review your maintenance plan.

Getting to know your facts

Finally, we provide you with an elaborate report that goes in-depth with the current and future state of your factory. Getting detailed information helps you plan both future investments and maintenance better, with the related schedules, budgeting and execution. It also lets you tackle any imminent future defects in time.

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