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ABB Ability™ Energy Optimization for drives and motors

Do more with less by improving energy efficiency

Our ABB Ability Energy Optimization for Drives and Motors service is able to analyze the energy savings potential in your business by using ABB drives and motors. 


  • Identified potential savings - Following the ABB Ability Energy Optimization service, an action plan is prepared, usually comprising an Executive Summary and a detailed engineer’s report, highlighting applications that can save the most.
  • Reduced cost of ownership - The report also presents the payback time of an investment in ABB drives and/or motors. Implementing high efficiency ABB motors and drives promotes energy savings and lowers the total cost of ownership.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions - ABB Ability Energy Optimization for drives and motors highlights potential CO2 emission reductions to fulfill your local environmental regulations.

ABB Ability Energy Optimization for drives and motors service delivery

Outlining the scope of the appraisal

An ABB-certified engineer plans a visit to your facility to get an understanding of the environment. This includes location of the applications, an inventory of motors, any health and safety restrictions, as well as anything unusual that might affect the energy profile.

Monitoring and data collection

During a site walk we identify potential applications, understand the operations, load profile, collect necessary data including drive applications, site conditions, etc. In an engineered appraisal, we collect empirical data on the selected applications in order to accurately determine the energy consumption or process requirements.

Data analysis

We analyze the findings and identify potential savings. The available data includes an estimate of present energy usage, areas of potential savings, payback time if an investment is made in drives and/or motors, carbon dioxide emissions reduction, to name a few.


We prepare an action plan, usually comprising a report, highlighting applications that can save the most. The figures will be normally translated into annual savings, and there will be detailed recommendations for suitable drives or motors.

Optional services available


Using the recommendations from the energy appraisal, ABB identifies the correct drive and motor for the respective application. In many instances, we can help with the installation and startup or commissioning of the drive and motor. This includes setting the correct parameters to ensure that the drive or motor is operating at its optimum energy efficiency.

Verification and follow-up

Once new equipment is fitted, it is normal to track the actual savings against the predictions shown in the report. This will also help justify the investment in drives and electric motors.

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