Maximizing uptime. Delivering service excellence.

What is your maintenance and repair strategy for your motors, generators and drives?
ABB Motion Services helps you prevent failures through planned and recovery services, condition monitoring, and quality spare parts. You can trust us to help maximize your uptime through superior support and partnership.

Belgian sugar producer improves uptime and realizes a 12% energy saving with ABB digital solutions

 "Duvivier Dexis is a crucial partner for us in the digital solutions area, and they use their expertise to provide individualized solutions for their customers"

Olle Henkens, Digital Product Manager at ABB Belgium

Top 3 benefits of ABB reliability services for motors, generators and drives


Maximized operational uptime for your critical assets with planned maintenance, improved performance and continuous service availability



Support for your needs, on-site or remotely, all day, every day, with service engineers and partners on hand


Fully tailored solutions for your operations, saving you money by avoiding costly downtime

Fast intervention when something goes wrong. Minimize costly downtime.

Recovery services
Our team of skilled ABB Motion Services service professionals are readily available to provide swift and efficient interventions to minimize any costly downtime. With local teams of certified service engineers and partners, remote support capabilities utilizing cutting-edge AR technology, and well-equipped workshops for top-notch repairs, our experts are able to quickly respond to unexpected recovery service needs.
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Protect your investment and avoid costly downtimes

Planned services
Safeguard your investment and minimize costly downtime with our efficient and effective solutions. Our planned services encompass both preventive maintenance and condition-based maintenance strategies that utilize predictive techniques to optimize the performance and uptime of your equipment. Customized maintenance schedules, drawn from ABB's extensive experience in manufacturing and servicing, mitigate the risk of unforeseen production disruptions and enhance the reliability and efficiency of your equipment, ultimately reducing operational costs and ensuring planned output.
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We help you make better decisions and maximize availability

Data and advisory services
ABB Motion Services’ solutions, whether offline or digital combined with our expert knowledge can help you make better decisions. Stay one step ahead with accurate, real time information about the performance and energy consumption of your equipment for better operational decision making and cost management.

ABB Motion Services offers a unique advantage by combining connectivity and data analytics with service expertise. The data collected from connected assets can be accessed and analyzed providing deeper insights into the status of your equipment for improved performance, energy efficiency or business development. Analyzed data paired with our vast service expertise will offer you holistic information to facilitate your decision.
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The modular service agreement tailored to your needs

ABB Motion OneCare service agreement allows you to keep your motors, generators and drives equipment operating reliably and efficiently throughout their lifetime.
We partner with you and help you plan, coordinate and execute your equipment maintenance according to the specific criticality and needs through an unparalleled combination of expert knowledge, standardized processes, and advanced technologies.
It is a tailored approach to the long-term customer’s maintenance budget planning and execution.


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