ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance for motors and generators

Higher uptime with optimized maintenance planning

ABB Ability Predictive Maintenance for motors and generators optimizes the maintenance of diesel and gas engine generators and synchronous motors and generators. Taking a condition-based approach, it combines customer input with advanced analytical techniques to create the optimal maintenance program. This ensures that the right actions are taken at the right time and for the right reasons.

ABB Ability Predictive Maintenance brings together ABB's condition monitoring, in-situ visual inspection and life expectancy analysis program to make maintenance planning easy.


Discover how ABB Motion Services Predictive maintenance for motors and generators can enhance reliability and increase uptime.

  • Higher uptime
    • Minimized unplanned outages
    • Longer intervals between rotor removals
    • Avoidance of secondary damages
    • Alignment of maintenance tasks with planned plant stoppages

  • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Maintenance is only done when necessary
    • Parts are only replaced when needed
    • Visual inspection of stator core, rotor core and windings is done without the need to remove the rotor

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