ABB Motion Services - Partnered solutions

Bringing expertise and capabilities together to enhance your business performance.

Whether you are a channel partner, an OEM or a direct customer, we can help you to grow, continuously improve performance and better serve - together. Our partnered solution portfolio can help you sell, assemble, engineer, install or service our wide range of motors, generators and drives products. In addition you could join us in deploying advanced digital and energy efficiency solutions to save reduce downtime, maximize productivity and save energy.

You will engage in the most up-to-date services and have highly competent service teams with our training courses and e-learning opportunities. Enjoy a unique digital advantage by combining connectivity and data analytics with industrial expertise; and wherever you are in the world access original ABB spare parts and products.


Get the right competence:

Training and certifications

We have 26 global Training Centers delivering local support in your native language and providing remote online courses.  While hands-on courses at local training centers are available, some of our courses can also be conducted at your facilities.

Get the right capabilities:

Service platforms and tools

We enable you to collect advanced analytical data from existing assets to get deeper insights into the asset health for effective lifecycle management, maintenance planning and fleet management. Ultimately this will supporting better decision making for end customers.

Get the right materials: 

Parts, kits, and product

Our global ABB spare parts network responds rapidly. We can arrange stock for you or provide availability so you can stock yourself, directly from ABB or from other partners in our global team. We provide warranty on individual spare parts and spare part kits and guidance on maintenance/repair interventions.

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