High quality spare parts for reliable operations

In many cases, the complete process would be brought to a halt if the asset stopped working. Downtime may result in considerable costs in terms of lost production, waste, and damage, so the availability of the equipment is a top priority. At ABB we supply genuine spare parts, spare part packages and maintenance kits for all ABB drives, motors, and generators. You can rely on us or ABB authorized partner to supply the correct part supporting you with a warranty. Spare parts represent a small investment that can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your business.



  • Expert support- Global footprint of more than 1,200 experienced service technicians in more than 70 countries across the globe.
  • Reliability and durability- ABB spare parts reduce the total cost of ownership and save money in the long term. ABB parts expand the lifetime of motors, generators and drives, guaranteeing the reliability and durability that ABB equipment is known for.
  • Best fit parts- ABB spare parts are the perfect fit for your ABB assets, as they are developed and manufactured for ABB specifically. You get the exact replacement of what you had before.
  • Flexible portfolio- ABB customers can choose between new parts, exchange parts, preventive maintenance kits, and repair or modernization services.
  • Lifetime product support- ABB maintain lifetime support for the assets providing long-term spare parts availability. In addition, ABB offer modernization or replacement services to provide the advantage of new features, improved performance and safety.
  • Warranty - ABB spare parts are manufactured to stringent ABB standards and protected with ABB minimum 1-year warranty.
  • Availability- We store our spare parts close to you. We have spare part distribution centers around the globe to guarantee the fastest delivery.


Spare Parts service for motors, generators and drives

In cases where a failure threatens to stop production, our staff and partners are available to respond immediately to your request for spare parts. Our global logistics network guarantees the fastest possible delivery. Using genuine spare parts lets your asset operate as planned, leading to trouble-free operation of your plant or process. The delivery time for some spare parts may vary depending on the specific products. 

Spare Part packages for motors, generators and drives

ABB spare parts are available individually as single components or in packages. Packages are designed based on the manufacturer’s experience. For example we have packages designed for commissioning and initial years of operation.  For critical applications where downtime must be minimized, we have the special packages.

Preventive Maintenance kits

ABB maintenance kits help to cut maintenance times. The kits contain the components that are changed during specific maintenance procedures. They contain genuine spare parts and typically represent the most economical way of buying the required parts.

Capital spare parts for motors and generators

Rotors, stators and other capital spares are typically custom manufactured. This means that such components have a significantly longer delivery time than standard spare parts. When unexpected downtime must be kept to a minimum, capital spares provide the basis for maximizing operational availability. 

On-site Service Center for drives

On-site Service Center is a storage and a service facility built within a container. It is a comprehensive solution for remote locations where drives processes require high availability. Spare equipment is stored on-site in a controlled environment, so if a drive fails, the unit can be replaced almost instantly.

How to order

To obtain the correct spare parts or consumables contact either ABB or a third-party channel company. Our global network allows efficient delivery of spare parts wherever you need them. Let ABB manage your spare parts stock, either on your site or at its own facilities. This highly cost-efficient service means that the required part is always available. 

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