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New Anybus modules for PSTX softstarters

Fieldbus communication

BACnet (Building Automation and Control) protocol is the communication protocol mainly used for products used in HVAC. Softstarters are frequently used in building applications and we can finally offer a PSTX product that can communicate directly via BACnet, without any protocol converters such as gateways.

EtherCat is an Industrial automation application protocol that is an implementation of the Ethernet network protocol. EtherCat stands for Ethernet for Control Automation Technology and is a IEC61158 implementation of Ethernet, and is a high-speed communication usually used for motion control applications.

For more information
Release note: Link
BACnet IP Leaflet: Link
BACnet MS/TP Leaflet: Link
EtherCat Leaflet: Link


New PSE softstarter

Features updates

New functionality for increased competitiveness
– Built-in Modbus-RTU communication

Improved customer experience
– Improved package and inlay minimizing transportation damages

Increased product robustness
– New PCBA
– Improved firmware stability
– New built-in AF bypass contactor

Reduced footprint
– Frame C with 20 % size reduction

Benefits of the new PSE softstarter

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