Want to cut harmonics in your waterworks to avoid needless costs and wear?

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Several reasons to choose ABB's Trusted Advisors in water

Drives, along with many other types of electronic equipment, can cause a phenomenon known as power line harmonics. The better energy efficiency and performance advantages of using drives to control pumps and blowers in the water industry far outweigh the negative effects of harmonics. Even so, it is important to understand these potential issues and the solutions that are available to mitigate their troublesome effects. In addition, to save on costs, being able to mitigate harmonics means you don’t need to install oversized generators or add expensive external harmonic filters, which could be needed when using drives.




Our Trusted Advisors are experts in evaluating where harmonics occur and how they can be reduced by utilizing ultra-low harmonic drives. This will help lower your costs and ensure stable operations of your water pumps and other devices.

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