Need a Trusted Advisor to make your water plant more resilient and energy efficient?

We at ABB, together with our global network of water-dedicated partners, can offer you local water expertise to help you find new and better ways to improve your water operations. We will help identify many possible factors that can influence both the resilience and the operating costs of the assets and equipment you use in water and wastewater treatment and distribution.

By having a local Trusted Advisor review your specific water operation and suggest how your pumps, blowers or mixers can run better through the use of energy efficient drives and motors, they will help you achieve both uninterrupted water flow and cost savings. For most water operation managers, making sure they can safely supply and treat the customer’s water at all times at lowest possible cost are often the top priorities.

Choose here a challenge you want to solve, then sign up for our Trusted Advisor in water to get in contact with you.

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