Optimized solutions for the desalination plant with medium voltage motors


Several reasons to choose ABB's Trusted Advisors in water

From clean water extraction, through treatment and distribution, to wastewater treatment plants, ABB motors offer reliable and highly efficient solutions for pumps and other applications. ABB Medium voltage motors represent one of the major energy consumption elements in big desalination plants. Typical main applications are seawater intake pump, high pressure, and booster pumps. 

In addition to supplying highly reliable and efficient motors, ABB provides a suite of tools, products and services aimed at helping plant operators to minimize the cost of motor ownership. Cost of ownership consists of the motor’s purchase price and installation costs, the cost of running (mainly energy) and also the cost of not running – i.e., the cost to the business of unscheduled downtime when a motor fails.

Running cost is directly linked to the motor efficiency of course, but it is more significantly affected by the design that are considered both motor and pump system at the same time, which brings the best efficiency point.


Temperature and environmental conditions like humidity are the factors that have major impact on key components of the motors. With ABB insulation system, our design offers thermal limits and safety margins that reduce the downtime of motor operation.  




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