Want to avoid running your pump dry, to protect the bearing, shaft and impeller?

See how you can detect “dry run” using the ACQ580 water drive before it causes big problems in your pumps and pipes

Several reasons to choose ABB's Trusted Advisors in water

If for any reason your pump runs dry, meaning without water, air becomes the working fluid. Since air gives no cooling, the pump could overheat and cause damage to the bearing, seal, shaft and impeller and potentially stop the pump.

The robust ACQ580 drive is equipped with both pressure and flow monitoring, as well as dry pump protection to safeguard the pump and water pipes. Pressure and flow monitoring ensures the pumps operate in optimal conditions, allowing you to carry out maintenance at longer intervals.

Based on sensors or pump curves, the drive detects when the pump is in danger of being run dry. The pump then stops if no water is available, thus preventing damage to the bearing and shaft seals, and even the impeller. The drive can also detect other issues such as leaks in the pipeline or blockages as a result of a closed valve.




Our Trusted Advisors can help you eliminate possible trouble due to dry running of pumps.

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