Want to simplify operations and cut energy costs using only one drive to control several pumps?

Learn how multi-pump functionality delivers clear value by simplifying your pumps and water lines

Several reasons to choose ABB's Trusted Advisors in water



Coordinated control of multiple pumps on a water line by using just one smart drive can deliver many key benefits, including more dependable water flow, considerable energy savings and the need for fewer control devices in your plant.

The water dedicated ACQ580 drive with built-in intelligent multi-pump functionality makes it easy to maintain extremely stable water flows by linking together up to eight drives that control pumps. The multi-pump function also reduces the need for an external logic controller.

This drive also makes it possible to coordinate the necessary speed and number of pumps that come into operation, to meet varying flow and pressure requirements. The built-in multi-pump functions also provide backup redundancy, since they automatically ensure continuous operation in water networks in case one or more pumps should fail or be down for maintenance.

Cost reductions are possible both in terms of the major energy savings that drives bring to water pumping, as well as reduced capital costs due to fewer electronic devices needed for controlling your pumps. The advantages are clear: Better automatic control, for more secure water flow, at lower cost.




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