Want to reduce risk of pipe breaks and water leaks with soft starting?

Learn how soft starters reduce wear and tear on water pipes, joint and pumps

Several reasons to choose ABB's Trusted Advisors in water

Water leakage is one of the biggest challenges in the water industry and leaks can generally be either small background leaks or major breaks such as a burst pipe. The number one reason for burst pipes is high pressure fluctuation in a water network caused by several things. By far the most damaging are intense pressure peaks that occur rapidly over a short distance. These severe pressure variations in the water network are often created by a direct online start or stop of a pump, causing a water and pressure rush or water hammer through the system.

By using a soft starter in a water and wastewater pumping application, both pressure peaks and water hammering can be greatly reduced or eliminated. This softer management of your pressures can both reduce water leakage and help improve uptime and reliability in the entire network.



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