How to keep the impeller on your wastewater pump clean, for a longer lifetime?

See this video showing how the pump clean function increases the resilience of your wastewater pump

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As you surely know, over time pump impellers used in wastewater applications can become clogged or ragged, thus lowering the pump’s efficiency. In some cases, clogging can cause the pump to jam completely, resulting in operational headaches and higher maintenance costs.

Unnecessary and difficult visits by maintenance people to clean wastewater pumps can be avoided by using the built-in automatic pump cleaning function in the water dedicated ACQ580 drive. Pump cleaning automatically starts a series of rapid reverse* and forward rotations to shake debris off the impeller. The impeller is thereby cleaned, allowing the pump to run more efficiently, and also extending its lifetime. As a result, risk for downtime and needless cleaning costs is lowered. In addition, the drive brings lower costs thanks to higher average pump efficiency.
* Reverse running only where the pump type allows.




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