Do you need to reduce energy costs and ensure continuous uptime in your water plant?

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Several reasons to choose ABB's Trusted Advisors in water



Energy consumption in a water or wastewater operation can often account for 50% of total operating costs. Motors driving water applications such as pumps, aerators and mixers consume large amounts of energy and are an obvious target for improvement. Process disturbances and breakdowns, which can add unplanned and unwelcome costs, are also logical areas for continuous improvement.

Using superior motor control that drives give to pumps and blowers helps reduce your energy consumption and provide smoother operation. These benefits can quickly translate into significant cost savings. In addition, better operational consistency improves uptime and reliability, helping the facility to meet its environmental and regulatory requirements.




Our Trusted Advisor will do a detailed energy appraisal of your water plant to determine how much energy that is being lost could actually be saved. By eliminating throttling valves and installing drives on your pump motors for modern flow control you can save 30% or more on your energy bills. The investment you make in a drive will pay itself back much quicker than you think, and then continue giving you reduced costs for years to come. You also avoid the unnecessary wear and tear that throttling valves cause on your pipes, pumps and joints.

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