Want to easily measure water flow rates using just your drive?

See how Sensorless flow calculation in the ACQ580 drive gives accurate flow rates without a flow meter

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Knowing the exact flow rate in various pipes or pumps can be extremely useful information for any water or wastewater plant operator to have. This can help you achieve smooth, cost-efficient, headache-free operations. However, without installing a flow meter on a wide range of pipes, this information can be hard to get.

Now, using the sensorless flow calculation function in the water dedicated ACQ580 drive, you can quickly know the flow rates in your operations and also detect possible leaks. There are two ways of using the flow calculator: with or without pressure sensors. The user can thus define either a power-flow or a head-flow performance curve as the basis for the calculation.

Compared to expensive external flow meters, the built-in flow calculation function provides a simplified, cost-effective measure of water flow with realistic accuracy. It can also detect leakages or no-flow situations in a water system, and serve as a back-up to know the flow rates in your water process if the main flow meter is under maintenance.





Our Trusted Advisors will show you how to use drives to estimate flow rates in all your pipes and processes.

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