Want to get real savings with remote condition monitoring of your water processing?

Our Trusted Advisor explains how remote monitoring brings real value in water handling

Several reasons to choose ABB's Trusted Advisors in water



In water and wastewater utilities and networks, monitoring of equipment such as pumps, motors, bearings and drives is crucial to ensure reliable operations, reduce costs, and safeguard the environment. Today, this type of monitoring is done by use of a combination of manual and automated methods. The rapid and widespread acceptance of smart devices and cloud-based Internet data sharing is now presenting further optimization opportunities for water networks.

Imagine reducing your costs by eliminating unnecessary physical visits, and possible accidents, at remote pumping stations. Or knowing in advance when a pump requires maintenance – to avoid the risk of it suddenly stopping.

With remote condition monitoring it is possible to access critical information across your water network from anywhere to prevent issues. By analyzing this information, you can take proactive actions to help you deal with possible problems before they occur. This improves the resilience of your water assets and lowers your expenses.




Our Trusted Advisor will show you how to use condition monitoring via the ABB digital powertrain solution, thus avoiding problems, and headaches, before they occur.

Get started now by signing up for our Trusted Advisor to contact you, giving you valuable actionable insight into how our water professionals tackle the kinds of challenges you face every day.


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