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Like any other natural resource, water must be managed responsibly. One area where water is clearly wasted is “non-revenue” water, which is lost due to leaks in pipes and joints before it reaches the user. So, you have wasted money and time to process a product that will never generate any revenue.

Water loss can be due to slow, long-term leaks or sudden large-scale breaks. They can occur in water pipes, joints, fittings and overflow service reservoirs. And the causes can vary widely: Pressure fluctuations, corrosion, root penetration, thermal expansion and contraction, erosion, and changes in soil characteristics can all result in water loss. For most people, breaks in large water mains are perhaps the most obvious example of water loss, but even small leaks that go undetected can result in the loss of thousands of liters/gallons of water over time.




The impact of non-revenue water can be huge. Each liter/gallon lost must be replaced with an additional liter/gallon, requiring extra costs for processing, energy, labor, chemicals, etc. With leakage losses for some municipal water networks estimated as high as 40% of their total water flow, the resulting inefficiencies can have a massive dual-effect impact on operating margins in terms of higher costs and lower revenues.

Additionally, water leaks can negatively influence the environment by eroding soil, creating sink holes, and damaging roads. Similarly, wastewater can back-up into basements, contaminate streams, lakes, and oceans, and result in expensive environmental cleanup and perhaps massive fines.

Our Trusted Advisor will investigate your leakage problems and, based on the findings and their expert opinion, suggest ways to mitigate leaks and lower your costs.



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