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Compact liquid cooled drives

The ABB HES liquid cooled mobile drives series is compact, maintenance free, robust and very easy to configure. It can have 2 or 3-level IGBT topology granting our customers the most reliable technology with highest efficiency available in the market. HES drives can operate as motor inverter, line converter or DC/DC converter. The drives are equipped with CAN-bus interface and certified STO (safe torque off) as standard.

The HES drives series are the key to electrifying heavy duty machinery from ships over offroad vehicles to underground mining machines.

Suitable market segments

✔ Mining
✔ eBus
✔ Construction
✔ Material Handling
✔ Marine
✔ Agriculture & Forestry
✔ Road Building
✔ Other


One hardware to operate as motor inverter, line converter or DC/DC converter with optionally integrated brake chopper
Compact & rugged design

Designed specifically to work in electric powertrains of off-road vehicles such as construction machines

High tolerance

Resilience for vibrations and shocks, as well as high cyclic loads in the operating profile

High IP67 class

Tolerates damp, dusty and dirty environment as well as the direct exposure to water
Efficient cooling system

Wide ambient and coolant temperature ranges to suit the working environments

2 and 3-level IGBT Topology

Functional Safety

CAN-bus control interface
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With its high vibration tolerance, the HES880 liquid cooled mobile drive offers the rugged, reliable performance. When used in inverter mode, it controls the torque and speed of the electric motor. When used in its diesel generator mode, it can control the DC-link voltage in your electrical drivetrain. The DC/DC mode allows to use the drive with a battery or super capacitor. In the line converter mode, the converter allows bidirectional power flow from and into the drivetrain.
The HES880 series is designed for harsh environments with high shock & vibration requirements and a wide range of ambient and coolant temperatures.

Liquid cooling

 Liquid cooling provides excellent efficiency in a compact enclosure. With a high input cooling temperature of up to 70 °C, the cooling system can be simplified and downsized, saving you costs and reducing maintenance needs. With the correct glycol content also operation down to

Versatile hardware

HES880 has three different firmwares. One hardware can be configured to operate in three modes:

  • Inverter for traction motor and generator up to 510 kW continuous and up to 760 kW peak electrical power (500 V and power factor 0.98)
  • Bi-directional line converter for grid connectivity
  • DC/DC converter for super capacitor or battery interface, up to 620 kW

Modular Design

The HES880 is available in three current ratings:

  • 350A
  • 600A
  • 900A

This allows the selection of the perfectly dimensioned drive for each application. The required filter components for the line converter and DC/DC converter applications are available in the same current ratings are designed for the same hash environments as the HES880 Drive Module itself.


You can easily customize and configure the drive with ABB Control Builder Plus to meet your unique application challenges. Application programming is based on IEC 61131-3 standard.

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ABB offers with the HES580 the motor friendliest drive in the market. Through its 3-level topology, harmonic motor losses are reduced up to 75% compared to a 2-level converter. This leads to the best overall efficiency for a motor drive system. In combination with IGBT technology, voltage stress on the winding is minimal, which guarantees long winding and long motor lifetime.

Want to know more about our latest 3-level inverter and how it works together with the AMXE250S eBus Motor as a package?

HES580 Product Data Sheet HES580 & AMXE250S Product Data Sheet

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