ABB Traction motors

Partnering with ABB you will gain a trusted partner that offers proven electric drivetrain products. This allows you to efficiently meet all the most important market demands, such as improved productivity, reduced TCO, increased uptime and improved operator environment.

Suitable market segments

✔ Railway
✔ Mining
✔ eBus
✔ Construction
✔ Material Handling
✔ Marine
✔ Agriculture & Forestry
✔ Road Building
✔ Other

Compact & configurable motor for your application

Your electric vehicle partner

Efficient motors require a deep insight into design, manufacturing and integration. Motors are very different from internal combustion engines, with very different design and development challenges. ABB is a trusted partner that will assist you from drawing board to aftermarket. Our global presence mean that manufacturing, service and support are always close at hand.

Fully configurable and customizable

Flanges and shafts can be standard or customized at your request. Torque and speed are adapted to the vehicle type and its duty cycle, while low inertia motors provide fast control. Compact design and torque density reduce the vehicle’s outer dimensions, and different IP classes and surface treatments allow the versatility for vehicles to operate in aggressive atmospheres. Each of these aspects is configurable and customizable in ABB’s motors.

Optimized for your application

No two applications are exactly the same, and so each motor must be adapted to the actual drive cycle. ABB’s platform is based on proven parts that are combined into task-specific solutions. As such, customized motors can be delivered quickly, with each product guaranteed to meet ABB’s renowned high standards.

Efficiency at its core

ABB’s electric motors are fundamentally energy efficient, and achieve low energy losses throughout the drive cycle. With a record of delivering high quality traction solutions for over 130 years, ABB knows what it takes to make electric mobility work optimally, and has the expertise to develop, implement and leverage extremely sophisticated technologies and systems.

Motors for Railway
Motors for Heavy Electric Vehilces

Motors for Railway

Every train needs a unique motor for its purpose. ABB holds a complete and flexible traction motor portfolio that allows us to build the perfect solution for train operators – regardless of train type, power range or geographical location.

Each motor is tailor-made to customer requirements and to the operation conditions of each train that it powers; enabling superior efficiency, lowest energy consumption and high reliability.

Traction motors include both modular and frameless traction motors.


Motors for Heavy Electric Vehicles

AMXE series

AMXE Series Frame size: 132, 160, 200 & 250

The transition to electric power for your single heavy vehicle through to your entire fleet can be made easier by using ABB components as the building blocks.

That is because ABB has been innovating in electric motors for trains, busses, and industrial vehicles used in mining, construction, materials handling, marine and public transportation for more than a century.
We offer a configurable range of motors that can fulfill your diverse application needs.
To overcome the business challenges of reducing CO₂ emissions, lowering your total cost of ownership, increasing productivity and decreasing vehicle downtime.

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