Digital tools for Terra AC wallbox

Connectivity tools for ABB AC chargers

The digital solutions introduced with ABBs new AC charger, Terra AC, allows you to use, manage and commission the Terra AC wallbox easier than ever before.

ChargerSync™ enables you to authorize and start/stop charging sessions with your vehicle. With full statistics you can transparently display energy consumption while charging but also track passed usage of your Terra AC wallbox, even for different users with the help of RFID cards. ChargerSync™ is available as a smartphone application as well as a browser accessible web portal.

TerraConfig, also available on the web as well as on smartphone, is the digital tool to perform a fast and safe commissioning of the AC charger, without opening the wallbox. Thanks to the web platform, you can prepare for commissioning efficiently, and the installer can quickly complete the work on site with the app. The smartphone app connects quickly and easily to the Terra AC via Bluetooth.

Get to know the digital tools for Terra AC wallbox


selector selector selector

Terra AC wallbox owner is the primary user

(e.g. single family house)

Terra AC wallbox owner is not the primary user

(e.g. apartment building)

Terra AC wallbox is used with a third party backend

(e.g. public site)

Preparation by installation

company or operator
• OCCP server profile setup
• TerraConfig app accounts for onsite commissioning

Commissioning by professional users
• Maximum power settings
• Free vending mode
• Network connectivity
• Local and cloud load management
• Firmware update
• OCCP configuration

Operation and usage
• Authorize, start and stop charging sessions
• Usage statistics and costs
• Manual dynamic load management
• RFID and charging schedule setup
• Network connectivity and updates

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