Smart Building Smart Home

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Antwerp, Belgium


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The Federation of Electricity and Electronics is proud to announce that the 3rd edition of its Smart Building Smart Home congress will be held on May 31st, 2018 at Kinepolis Antwerp.

The main objective of this congress is to provide information about the latest technological developments and innovations that apply to the design, realization and exploitation of buildings.

In addition, this congress will be extended to cover developments and applications for Smart Homes for which the Internet of Things has a key function, such as applications designed for the smart management of energy consumption that increases the comfort of users. There is however still a lot of work to be done to move away from all the different protocols that are currently used to activate individual solutions and to move towards integrated systems.

This congress has secured the participation of well known national and international speakers from the academic world, blue chip companies from the industry and the political world. Besides the academic vision by professors from the universities of both Ghent and Leuven, we will have the view on future developments from industry captains.

The political vision will demonstrate our ambition as a country with high-tech capabilities and our aim to play a significant role in the developments and investments in this area. The vision from the government will be brought by Philippe Muyters - Minister from the Flemish Government responsible for Employment, Economy, Innovation, and Sports.

Helping you manage energy consumption in addition to providing comfort in a user-friendly way is the main objective of the Smart Building Smart Home congress.

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