SPS 2022 - Improve efficiency even further!

Join us on our journey to a sustainable future.

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Create added value with sustainability

In view of the current challenges and events of our time, increasing energy efficiency has evolved from a good idea to an absolute must.  

Join us at SPS 2022, where we will show you exactly how you can conserve resources and significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions with our innovative products and solutions - to ensure the long-term success of your company.

Come into dialog with our experts, we look forward to seeing you!


Our product and solution highlights

Energy efficiency movement

Synchronous reluctance motors

HDP motor

ACS180 machinery drive

Presenting solution approaches
Impressive energy savings
High power density
Reliable machine operations and essential application control
We developed our energy efficiency movement to offer solution approaches to businesses who have placed improved efficiency at the top of their to-do list and engage in dialog with them. Talk to us about how you can save energy and improve your efficiency. After all, together we can do more.  
Two new synchronous reluctance motors are expanding ABB’s portfolio in this sector. The IE5 synchronous reluctance motors with liquid cooling and for hazardous areas enable high energy savings.
High Dynamic Performance (HDP) motors now offer extended application possibilities in the field of mechanical engineering. They are ideally suited for drive solutions with optimum dynamic behavior and high power density.
The ACS180 machinery drives deliver everything you need, nothing you don't. They provide the quality you expect from ABB in a simple, essential package for machinery applications.


Motor protection

Energy distribution


Three-Position Device

HD5 three-position devices, developed according to ergonomic as well as all current guidelines,  are used to allow a limited movement of the machine when the operator is in the dangerous area. The HD5 can also be used in the food industry, as the unit complies with the "Hygenic Design" directive.

Digitized motor protection

The new NovolinkTM modules integrate ABB AF contactors into automation and smart factory systems, enabling real-time optimization and predictive maintenance.


Compact technology

The new CP-S.1 power supplies offer high efficiency and reliability in a compact design. Designed for a wide range of applications, including machine building, this advanced series features an integrated 150% power reserve for five seconds.

Electronic Protection Device 24V DC

The new EPD24 is a compact, flexible and scalable Electronic Protection Device designed to provide selective protection or disconnection of 24V DC power supplies.

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