Food Safety and Traceability

Uncompromised hygiene, reliability and productivity

Food safety and traceability are critical for your business. Our solutions, from individual products to enterprise control and manufacturing execution systems, help maintain continuous operation and prevent contamination. Our wide range of products are designed to stand up to temperature extremes, harsh environments and frequent high-pressure wash-downs without dust or liquid ingress or lubricant contamination.

When it comes to processing and delivering fish, food safety is only the starting point. Absolute hygiene and traceability are a must,  but they are not all a fish producers needs for success today. ABB has a number of solutions that can improve the speed and efficiency of your processes, packaging and logistics in ways which lower costs and help protect your investment.

  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel encapsulated motors, bearings and gearing solutions
  • Products with hygienic designs and curved surfaces to prevent bacterial growth
  • Stainless steel instrumentation, conduit, and electrical fittings
  • Metal detectable products like cable ties that reduce contamination risk
  • Robots with stainless steel grippers reduce human contact with open food for uncompromised hygiene
  • Precise machine and process line controls to help reduce waste and improve product quality
  • Power loss ride-through technology keeps processes running during grid faults, protecting equipment and production
  • Certified and tested motors and variable speed drives for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Building automation systems, variable speed drives and high efficiency motors maintain factory ventilation at required environmental conditions (air temperatures, air flow requirements and humidity levels)

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