There's a big shift underway in aquaculture, along the entire value chain from feed production to smoltification, sea farming, processing to distribution and sales. Wherever you operate in that chain, we believe you are here looking for ways to maximize productivity, energy efficiency and sustainability. With ABB you have the right partner to address these key drivers. We've got the whole ecosystem covered. And as a trusted global brand with local expertise we've got the whole world covered.

We lead the world in systems integration and can help you harness the power of systems integration using our smart devices and solutions to achieve operational excellence, lower costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Our strength is leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions that will put you in a leading position.

Fish farmers, feed producers and fish processing companies have to manage many complex demands in parallel: uncompromising safety, hygiene, traceability and continuous, reliable operations including logistics. Integrated operations can help keep all these stages together and trace products throughout. You want to boost reliability, safety, operator effectiveness, monitoring and control. Our full scope of integrated EICT (electric, instrumentation, control and telecom) solutions can significantly increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact and make your facility more dynamic and profitable. 

Got a problem? Let's solve it together. Are your operating costs too high for comfort? Are your personnel frustrated using legacy systems that don't talk to each other? Have unnecessary downtime? Lumbered with a reactive maintenance regime that's expensive and time-consuming? How can you make your plant even safer? Ensure consistent product quality? Reduce waste? Improve operational flexibility and visibility? Speed things up? Improve your logistics capability? Utilize your data? 

Through monitoring, controlling and managing your devices, processes and operations on-site or remotely you'll be able to do more to ensure your production runs smoothly. Our robotics portfolio will address productivity, safety, quality, product shelf life and will act as an extended arm for your teams. The ability to simulate, predict and optimize through artificial intelligence (AI) tools, insights and analysis will enable you to reach new heights.


We offer expertise at every stage of the life cycle. Our experts and engineers will work hand-in-hand with you to transform your business. Our involvement typically begins with Planning (audits and advice, solution design and engineering, training and simulation). Then comes the Build stage (assessment, installation, testing and commissioning). Next is the Operations phase (monitoring, control, management and optimization) and finally Maintenance (analysis, diagnostics and predictive maintenance). From initial studies we can together ensure increased productivity, improve uptime and extend the lifetime of your facilities while cutting overall life-cycle costs. Having one main contractor makes life much easier. You can count on us.

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