Smolt and Landbased Facilities

A process automation system can provide statistical production analysis tools to help ensure better feed conversion and survival. Analysis of volume, type and timing of feed across locations can be compared to fish growth, allowing the feeding regime to be optimized over time. The impact of other factors such as water quality and temperature can also be reviewed and controlled more effectively to improve the growth and health of the fish.

As your smolt facility partner we can support your operations along the entire value chain. Our integrated solutions offer big potential for cost savings and operational productivity. Our systems approach enables smarter solutions. Reduce the risk of cost and schedule over-runs by getting us involved in the early phase of your project.

Here's how we can help:

  • Customize our automation system to your specfic needs. We offer full integration, visibility and production package with tracking and traceability built in.
  • Cover your electrical equipment needs with complete electrical systems that ensure energy efficiency, reliability, availability and safety.
  • Adapt our motors to the unique and demanding requirements of your smolt facility. Our comprehensive line of performance-proven, energy-efficient motors cover the entire scope of applications.
  • Maximize the power of instrumentation to ensure quality, consistency and safety.
  • Seamlessly integrate our telecom solutions in a common communication and automation solution (including interfaces and operations and maintenance routines) to provide synergies and benefits for cost, quality and consistency.
  • We deliver project execution as a multi-disciplinary team with main contractor responsibilities. Having one contractor ensures optimum on-site co-ordination and a seamless transfer to the operating phase and service.

We're happy to provide worldwide references from early-phase involvement in defining and delivering sustainable solutions based on next-level technology.

Sound interesting? Find out what's possible and what it will cost. We'll be delighted to hear from you. 


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