Drives and motors for sanitary pumps

Pumping up your process performance

Pumps keep your process running consistently by securing the flow of water and other liquids. Our variable speed drives (VSDs; also referred to as variable frequency drives VFDs) and motors are the smart way to control and power pumps, helping you save energy, reduce downtime and meet stringent hygiene requirements.

Drives save energy by adjusting pump speed so the flow matches the needs of the process. If your system uses throttling to control flow rates, you can save a lot of energy by upgrading to variable speed drives. Special software functions make our drives ‘pump and pipe friendly’: they combat cavitation to extend pump lifetimes and avoid pressure peaks in pipes by building up the flow in a controlled way.

Our Food Safe motors have stainless steel surfaces that are easy to sanitize. Thanks to IP69 protection and encapsulated windings they are suitable for use in high pressure, sanitary cleaning environments, and ensure high reliability, even in tough washdown conditions. These motors do not need protective shrouds – which are always difficult to clean properly - helping you to take hygiene to the next level.

Accurate flow control, efficiency, reliability and food safety. Everything counts when you’re producing high quality food and beverages.


Drive highlights

  • IP21 and IP55 protection classes available
  • Reduced energy consumption, thus lower operating costs
  • Safe torque off (STO) function maximizes safety for your personnel, production process and equipment
  • Compact size for easy installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Wide choice of fieldbus adapters ensures connectivity with all major automation networks

Motor highlights

  • Broad portfolio of motors that will help you achieve better efficiency and reliability without compromising food safety
  • Hygienic design with smooth, self-draining stainless-steel enclosures
  • IP69 protection and encapsulated windings to withstand harsh washdown
  • Food-grade lubricant for higher food safety
  • IE3 premium efficiency for lower energy consumption and smaller carbon footprint

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