Food Safe motors

Concerned about food safety?

Our washdown motors can handle the extreme.

As a food or beverage producer, you have to maintain hygiene and food safety, ensure your process runs without interruption and keep your operations competitive and sustainable. ABB Food Safe motors are designed with food safety guidelines in mind, ensuring they will operate reliably no matter the conditions.
Improve food safety
Improve reliability
Save money

Invest in equipment that helps keep food and your reputation safe.

Keeping equipment sanitized is a challenge, but hygienic conditions must be maintained to ensure food and drink is safe to consume. The potential impact of a violation could be devasting.

Washdown is the main weapon in the fight for best-practice hygiene standards. This is why ABB’s stainless steel motors are designed with food safety in mind.

◾    Can withstand caustic sanitation chemicals without risk of corrosion. 
◾    Easy too clean with smooth, rounded housings – no place for contamination to hide 
◾    Won’t chip or flake

When things get rough, invest in equipment that you can rely on

Washdown conditions are very tough on motors. Standard products may only last a few months. We invest in quality. 

This is why our washdown solutions last longer: 

◾     Superior sealing systems increase service life in severe washdown conditions
◾     Smooth design and completely sealed enclosures further reducing the chance of water ingress which could decrease service life
Every penny counts in food production. This is why our washdown motors will save you money - in the long run

Did you know that stainless steel motors are designed to last up to five times longer than a standard motor in hard washdown environments? 

When a motor survives in extreme conditions, it also means that you save money on: 

•  maintenance 
•  lost production due to downtime 
•  cost of replacing motors

Do you want to know how much you can save by changing your standard motors to stainless steel? 
Try the motor saver calculator and find out in only a few seconds.

Food Safe offering

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