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End-to-end solutions for dairy factories - automation and optimization

Delivering consistent quality dairy products under the pressure to reduce costs at the same time can only be achieved through tighter control and higher level of automation.

In dairy industry worldwide, compliance with ever-changing food safety and environmental standards, ageing assets, rising cost of energy, raw material and logistics, call for factory modernization and optimization. The trend is towards faster turnaround, closer intergation of production scheduling with logistics and digitalization of manufacturing operations.

In milk processing, critical timing and power quality ensure the food safety and unbroken cold chain. Many known dairy product brands around the globe turn to ABB with their requirements. Solutions like voltage conditioning and power loss ride-through keep critical processes running, while our control system solutions provide paperless production, order execution and material management to keep production on schedule. ABB DCS systems provide tools like batch execution control and recipe-based CIP control which lets reduce cycle cleaning times without shutting down production. Investing in robot automation helps stay competitive and use the staff more efficiently. Analyzing availability, performance and quality data with our OEE tool and other intelligence software tools allows to unlock productivity improvements.
“With seamless control system upgrade we maintained the same distribution with three units. At the same time, we now have a system with three times more capacity. It becomes easier for the operators to monitor and manage many aspects of plant production because significantly more information is available than before. Now we can put together our own recipes. Previously, we had to call in a programmer. In the old system, a valve could be left open and an incorrect mixture of two tons could run straight through. Now a safety system is activated if this should occur."

World’s No. 1 milk producer Amul, based in western India, uses ABB automation for milk reception, pasteurization and for monitoring and control while transferring milk, cream and butter milk from reception tanks to packaging machines. A single drop of rancid milk or any other agent could curdle milk from several dozen herders. The CIP solution provides efficient filtration, automatic de-clogging, high and medium pressure cleaning with multiple repetitions, while reducing loss of milk and limiting need for cleaning agents.

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Embracing new technologies has been key to successful growth of the leading dairy companies like Amul, Piracanjuba, Fonterra, Muller Dairy, Chr. Hansen, Arla Foods, Milcobel and others. You can learn from your peers who championed the leading edge applications by cooperating with ABB. This is how we can help you make aggregation, processing and distribution of milk and dairy products more efficient.


Every. Thing. Controlled.

  • Varying raw materials, unpredictable orders and the demand for new product varieties require flexibility in production planning.
  • Rising costs of energy consumption and pollution control, complying with environmental standards call for energy and emissions monitoring and simplified reporting.
  • Ever-changing food safety standards emphasize the need for better raw material traceability, laboratory sampling, and product control.


End-to-end visibility

  • Consistent, easy, user-friendly, logical interface improves operator intuitive actions and productivity
  • Pre-determination of the required KPIs and relative measurements improve the efficiency of the cycle
  • Loops performance and quality measurements reported to management to easily rectify faults and errors in the field or in the process, to achieve savings in loop time, energy consumption, steam generation
  • Less time to troubleshoot problems through accurate and easy diagnosis about where, who and when problems happen


Data-driven manufacturing

  • Increase milk and dairy product output and safety through more efficient utilization of company assets and capacities, and thus reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Introduce new dairy product varieties that are economically viable, consistent in quality, traceable and available just-in-time for your customers
  • Reduce energy costs, protect water security and meet local environmental regulations

You can also benefit from our broad experience in dairy processes. ABB is different.

ABB's pre-engineered Liquid routing control library is able to deliver precise handling of all steps of the process and ensure consistent and high quality dairy products. We offer pre-studies, function specifications, system layouts, process applications, batch / S88, MES / S95, horizontal / vertical system integration, reporting, training and validation. We know the scientific, engineering and business reasons that underpin decisions. We incorporate this understanding into our end-to-end solutions

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Extending the lifecycle and the return-on-investment of installed systems

To achieve continuous productivity improvements and still retain productive plant assets, you can benefit from our evolution solutions for Satt System/PLC products. We can help you to identify upgrade opportunities with the optimal ROI and suggest an evolution path that will increase the efficiency and the productivity of your plant.

Awards and recognition

According to ARC Advisory Group, ABB has got the world's most popular distributed control systems (DCS) - System 800xA, Freelance DCS, heritage brands like SattLine/SattCon and others. We are No.1 over a decade and delivered automation solutions  to more than 100 countries, in a variety of industries.

ABB's extended automation system ABB Ability System 800xA and its ergonomic control room design have won multiple awards. Control engineers and operators love this user-friendly system for its ability to meet their needs and its outstanding integration capabilities. It comes with the unique batch and recipe management solutions and pre-engineered liquid routing control library for automating dairy production process. They have been created according to demands and descriptions from major industry consultants and provide tools to achieve compliance.

Fonterra’s continued review and improvement of manufacturing operations are vital in achieving and maintaining their lead in the world dairy industry. This commitment saw Fonterra, New Zealand, win at the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, EnergyWise Awards. This achievement is also thanks to their use of ABB's uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, ensuring the security of supply to its critical deluge system on milk powder driers and other control technologies.

ABB Technology Ventures invests in Indian IoT dairy startup Stellapps, complementing our manufacturing execution system (MES) business, part of the ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software. The cornerstone of Stellapps technology is SmartMoo, a full-featured analytics solution covering the entire value chain from milk production to farmer payments. SmartMoo can track an animal’s health and yield through a wearable sensor, measuring parameters such as milk quantity and yield, and monitor conditions under which the milk is stored, transported and distributed. ABB is highly supportive of the work Stellapps is doing to responsibly add value to farmers large and small through education on animal care related to milk production.

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