Drives, motors and PLCs for dairy

Producing the finest quality dairy products is the goal. With so many processes involved in processing raw milk, you need every bit of capability that automation can give you to ensure milk, yogurt, cream, butter, cheese and ice cream leaves your dairy efficiently, all while meeting the strictest hygiene requirements.

Dairy processes heavily use pumps, mixers and separators. Our automation offering includes a wide range of variable speed drives, high-efficiency and wash down type of motors, scalable Programmable logic controllers (PLC) and a selection of HMIs capable of handling all your processes smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, safety functions, from built-in safe torque off to a wide range of optional safety functions gives you the flexibility to meet your particular safety requirements. PLCs can deliver integrated control systems that help to provide enhanced visibility and control over the processes within dairy production and processing.

From production and pasteurization to storing and cleaning, our automation solutions provide you the control and flexibility for energy efficient, reliable production.

Using proper cavitation detection and control reduces the need of maintenance of pumps and pipes. It also lowers the risk of destroyed products like milk which minimizes lost revenue. The Innovative ABB anti-cavitation feature built inside ABB drives (ACS580 general purpose drives and ACS880 industrial drives) help mitigate cavitation in pumps and pipes. The solution is accurate and cost effective as it does not require any external sensors to be added to the drive.

Energy efficiency. Flexibility. Control and cleanliness. Everything counts when producing quality dairy products.

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