Drives and PLCs for separators

You rely on a clean, precise separation

Separating your solids from liquids needs meticulous control and precision. You need your rotation speeds to be accurate for high end product quality and production speed. Our automation offering including variable speed drives featuring direct torque control (DTC), scalable PLCs and our selection of HMIs help you overcome all these challenges.  

Your separators need to be reliable, with continuous peak performance for consistent food quality. This comes from accurate speed and torque control, even if the rotational speed changes with the weight raw material. Plus you’ll need to operate above nominal speed during the cleaning process. 

Torque and speed control, energy savings, product quality. Everything counts to to keep your separators running the way you need them.


  • Drives with direct torque control (DTC). Separators have a high starting torque and DTC enables extremely accurate torque control over the whole speed range
  • Short term overloading during cleaning sequence
  • Safe torque off and other safety options to help you meet your machine safety requirements
  • Flexible PLC and HMIs that scale to your control needs
  • ABB global service and support network

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