Drives and PLCs for mixers

When you need the perfect automation mix

Mixing is one of the most common food and beverage processes. Mixing requires precise control to ensure the best quality end products. High starting torque and different mixing speeds are often needed from start to finish, often within the same batch. Whether mixing in batches or in a continuous stream, mixing solids or liquids, the ability to control the mixer’s speed and torque affects both production speed and process up-time. 

Our variable frequency drives with direct torque control (DTC) provide accurate speed control and adapt to your mixing load. When the recipe demands more challenging control scalable PLCs, and a selection of operator panels provide you with the raw ingredients to mix into your precision control, reliability and flexibility for your mixer. For mixing dough, meat, dairy products or beverages, our automation products integrates to each other and offer the perfect solution for your mixer.

High starting torque, mixing speed range, precise control. Everything counts to get the mix perfect.

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  • Eliminate the process interruptions and reduce the everyday mechanical stress on the mixer by soft start function of a drive
  • Improve operational safety within your mixing process with safe torque off (STO) function
  • Reduce motor noise of a machine by adaptive switching frequency control
  • ABB‘s signature motor control technology for extremely accurate torque control, from high starting torque across the whole speed range
  • EMC filters and safety features for fulfilling directives, standards and legal requirements
  • High protection class for harsh conditions against dust and water

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