Power from Shore

The future in sustainable fish farming

Electrification is the way forward as the green shift takes hold. The aquaculture industry has an important role to play by adopting clean power supplied from shore instead of using polluting diesel generators on site. As a part of the solution, we also propose additional electrification in the marine phase of fish production that could cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%. Further advantages include noise abatement and reductions in operating and maintenance costs.

ABBs complete power from shore solutions can help to reduce your environmental impact  while enabling smarter, more energy-efficient farming operations. With years of experience and references from successful installations, we can undertake studies, execute complete projects and perform services over the lifecycle of your facility.

What are the benefits?

Providing electricity to the fish pens can result in:

  • Reduced operation and maintenence costs
  • Eliminating noise pollution across the entire fish farm, including service operations such as net cleaners and battery-powered service boats
  • Reduced environmental impact by cutting CO2, NOX and SOX emissions
  • Improved working environment
  • Reduced need for boat space
  • A stronger environmental profile overall

Using high voltage ensures:

  • A safe and reliable power source
  • Eliminates distance challenges (up to 10 km)
  • Increased transmittal capacity (1-2 MW without problems)

Our turnkey solutions have you covered from A to Z:

  •  Applications to administrative authority and other service activities
  • Full project management
  • Design and engineering
  • Construction and installation
  • Operational responsibility for high voltage and service
  • Additional services:
    • Peak power shaving and back-up solutions with battery
    • Charging station for service boats

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