Guarding Industry’s Crown Jewels

Any industry that is sensitive to downtime and safety is an ideal target for money-making criminals. Understanding which parts of the production and which assets deserve a “royal” cyber security treatment is key to protecting them in the best way possible.

By Mattias Karp Gidlöf  LinkedIn
Cyber Security Solutions Consultant at ABB Process Industries

About the author

Mattias has always had a passion for Cyber Security and nowadays is making best use of that when helping customers secure their production’s most precious assets. Previously working as an IT-consultant he joined ABB in 2012 to work as a system engineer. Over the course of the next 5 years a lot of experience in the infrastructure part of industrial control systems was accumulated. In 2017 when the Swedish Cyber Security team was formed at ABB Mattias joined that and was henceforth focusing fully on OT Cyber Security. Fast forward again five years and he is now putting those five years of experience to best use in his current role as Global Cyber Security Solutions Consultant. Mattias holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Umea University, Umea, Sweden. 

Where are my Crown Jewels?

Do you have a safe? Is that safe opened with the same key as your house? Of course not, that would not be particularly prudent.

Have you identified your most valuable possessions? But then why not put everything that glitters in the safe? Well, everything that glitters is not gold as the old saying goes. Besides, that would not be very cost effective.

In cyber security terms your crown jewels are your business-critical production systems. The OT systems that run the heart of your manufacturing and production plants.

You might be starting to get the picture where this is going.

Malicious attackers are also trying to find out (or have already succeeded in identifying) your crown jewels. These are the targets that can be leveraged to cause the most disruption to a company’s production. Especially if your operations are moving towards IIoT-enabled, inter-connected digital manufacturing and outside Cloud services to gain in agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

You need to identify and protect your crown jewels before someone else finds them and exploits them.

So, if you need help with identifying your crown jewels and ensuring that they are properly guarded against increasingly frequent, costly and damaging cyber-attacks, ABB is here to help.

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Why ABB?

People: Whether you need help implementing a cyber security control, making changes to your architecture, or writing a security policy, our local industrial cyber security experts are available. We help with projects of any size or offer a flexible consulting program to fit your needs.

Process: All our cyber security solutions and projects are executed by industrial cyber engineers and experts following carefully designed steps to ensure accurate and efficient deployment with minimal impact to production.

Technology: ABB has partnered with several companies to bring the best cyber security solutions to our customers. We have also developed our own solutions where the available ones aren’t ideal for the industrial space.

In Industrial / OT Cyber security the term Crown Jewels has been used for quite some time. To simplify things this is the most vital parts of the production and the most valuable assets. This is what an attacker is looking for to disrupt operations in the most effective way.

The most obvious reason is the financial impact these disruptions might have but can also be a risk to human safety.

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