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If you are looking to reap the benefits of inter-connectivity and cloud computing securely
  • Just starting with foundational controls to increase your systems' cyber resilience
  • Need to evaluate you risk tolerance and financial impact of a potential cyber incident
  • Ready to augment the basic controls with monitoring of suspicious activities
  • Require a training for your team on how to respond to alerts and mitigate the risk

Your journey

Operational Technology controlling industrial processes is becoming more connected to outside cloud services. This enables new capabilities, but at the same time has the risk of making the industrial control systems more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Deciding how to get access to these benefits while protecting your operations can be confusing.

Working with a partner that has the competency with both cyber security and industrial process automation systems, and clear focus to bring free data flow across the entire value chain is the best approach to harness the power of digitalization and continuous improvement culture for industries.

ABB expert shares practical steps for deploying digital solutions securely. What you will learn:
  • There are gains to be made in the industrial sector
  • What is OT cyber security, and how does it differ from IT cyber security
  • Noteworthy industrial cyber security events
  • Don't panic - Start with a assessment instead
  • Without a backup, you have nothing
  • Next, put basic security controls in place
  • Aging impacts security too
  • Training of people: Highly effective to reduce risks
  • No shortcuts to true security
  • Simple steps cover 85% of the risks
  • Collaboration is well worth considering
  • Shared resources offer efficiency
  • Reference Architecture
  • Advanced security measures
  • Notable events - in retrospect
  • Conclusion
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More expert Insights

Our offering

Better business outcomes enabled by digital - in a cyber space you can trust

Asset performance

  • Maximize uptime, peak performance, reduce maintenance costs

Process performance

  • Improve quality, throughput, process profitability

Operational Excellence

  • Deliver flexible execution of industry-specific value chain


  • Save energy costs, optimize consumption, ESG reporting

Connected Workforce

  • Enhance safety, competency and knowledge retention

Integrated partner solutions

Partner ecosystem
Nozomi Networks
According to a recent report by the MIT Technology Review, up to 96% of local industrial control systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Industrial control system environments are increasingly targeted in cyber-attacks. In fact, IBM’s latest X-Force Threat Intelligence Index found that attacks on industrial and manufacturing facilities have increased by over 2,000% since 2018.

The collaboration will integrate Forescout’s cyber technology within ABB’s portfolio of industrial expertise and cyber security solutions to enhance operators’ abilities to detect known and unknown control system threats.

Through greater integration of physical technology and software, ABB will help to deliver efficiencies as the need for manual asset inventorying and non-cyber security network monitoring is reduced.

ABB Joins Forces with Nozomi Networks to jointly address growing demand for improved Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions for energy, process and hybrid industries.

As part of its comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio, ABB will integrate Nozomi Networks’ advanced solutions for operational resiliency and real-time network visibility to assist ABB’s global automation and digitalization customers.

  • Advanced OT & IoT Cybersecurity Solutions – Nozomi Networks solutions are integrated to support ABB’s DCS solution architecture, and fully supported by ABB. Customers gain increased OT and IoT security and visibility delivered via their automation and digitalization supplier.
  • Nozomi Networks Delivery Expertise – ABB consultants are trained to present and deliver Nozomi Networks products in order to support customers with their cybersecurity needs such as threat hunting and forensic analysis.
  • Nozomi Networks Solutions in ABB Laboratories – ABB customers and prospects can review for compliance, or experience Nozomi Networks’ real-time network visibility and cybersecurity solutions via live threat scenarios running in ABB laboratories and integrated staging centers around the world.

ABB has developed a new offering that allows security events from ABB to be sent to IBM’s security information and event management platform known as QRadar.

Do something rather than nothing


of OT organizations experienced at least one damaging attack in the last 2 years


of companies say they are likely to become a target of a cybersecurity attack in the OT/ICS space


acknowledge security challenges because of the convergence of IT and OT


of OT organizations have insufficient visibility into their attack surface


of organizations in oil & gas feel it is very likely that they would detect a sophisticated cyber attack



"Normally, automation systems for industrial activities do not have the latest operating system or the latest software. Often [organizations] tend to remain with existing software for years, and frequently do not update the operating system with new security patches. Plants do not dare to update the virus protection because there is a risk that the virus protection has not been verified by, for example, ABB, and it can incorrectly knock out production. ABB has a service where we verify that the latest virus update works with our software. This means that we can maintain our systems in a secure and modern way."

Magnus Arnersten, who works as a supervisor at Söderenergi

District heating and electricity producer Söderenergi is using ABB Advanced Digital Services to enhance security

Operators and plant management have access to detailed information about the installed system software, system health status, safety and security reports, field alerts and service contacts through myABB/My Control System, a secure web-based platform


“Now that plant personnel are no longer installing control systems upgrades and patches manually, the customer’s cyber security is greatly improved. ABB’s Security Update Service relieves them of this burden while ensuring their control system defenses are always up-to-date. This service saves maintenance staff hundreds of hours of manual work per year. Following the success of this pilot project, the company is now deploying the ABB Security Update Service to all their gas compressors. ”

Multi-national gas supplier thwarts cyber attackers with ABB Ability™ System 800xA v6 and ABB Security Update Service

After learning of the WannaCry and Petya cyber attacks in 2017, a large multi-national natural gas transportation and supply company with operations on three continents realized they needed to modernize their control systems’ cyber security defenses.


“Constructive and productive discussions between plant staff and ABB were a significant bonus during the Cyber Security Fingerprint. ABB experts answered questions, offered knowledgeable advice and provided key insights on the site’s existing robust cyber security program. This provided greater confidence in the ability to prevent cyber security breaches. ”

Boliden in Sweden mitigates risk with ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Fingerprint

Understanding that threats to control systems, especially those controlling industrial processes, are on the rise, managers at Boliden wanted to augment their existing robust cyber security program with a fresh perspective to ensure that they are doing all they can to protect their plant from cyber attacks.


 "The Cyber Security Fingerprint found the steel mill’s process automation systems were running outdated versions of software that were no longer supported. Additionally, the company needed to upgrade its antivirus protection. One of the Fingerprint’s key features is that it highlights areas of opportunity for protecting against security breaches caused by company personnel who carelessly or maliciously spread malware through software or USB peripherals, as well as threats from outside hackers.”

European steel mill mitigates risk with ABB Cyber Security Fingerprint

Detailed report on control system security in one man-week, fast resolution for important security issues, foundation for comprehensive cyber security plan

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