Asset Performance Management

Reliable information for actionable decisions

More than ever, companies realize that Asset Performance Management plays a key role to remain competitive and overcome challenges to stabilize productivity and reduce uncertainties. Avoiding unplanned shutdowns and reducing unnecessary interventions are the key objectives of companies that are mature in reliability-centered maintenance.

ABB and Asset Performance Management

Recent technological advances in areas like sensors, processors, networks, databases, and coding languages are redefining Asset Performance Management solutions. These advances permeate ABB´s core, as part of our organic development.

In addition, ABB’s domain-expertise across process industry verticals has enabled the development of an integrated suite of Asset Performance Management solutions that delivers real value, with reliable and meaningful information about the process and asset to sustain actionable decisions.

ABB’s Asset Performance Management portfolio of solutions was designed to be seamlessly integrated as an ecosystem to the existing OT and IT environments.

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Our offering

Scalable APM Applications

A suite of Scalable APM applications “ready for use” to support:
- Daily maintenance routines, making use of our ABB Ability Platform
- Handling the data from disparate sources in typical Asset Models
- Continuously performing iterations within its algorithms to evaluate assets health and detect impending issues.
- Classifying issues according to the type of failure mode and severity.
- Publishing information in dashboards, reports, files, and other means to be consumed by further systems, such as ERP and CMMS.

Next Generation APM

An entire Next Generation APM ecosystem that, in addition to scalable applications, allows users to: 
- Develop their own applications, scripts, reports, and dashboards
- With maintenance-oriented templates, allow users to perform failure prediction with ML techniques and methods. 
- Easy to code scripts, widgets and dashboarding frameworks allow users to create or modify tools for reliability analysis, maintenance optimization, lifecycle, and risk management.

Consulting, predictive maintenance, performance and remote assistance services by industry

Expert Insights

Your APM journey

Global industries are increasingly focusing on asset performance management to continuously improve productivity and competitiveness. Despite the shift toward more proactive maintenance strategies businesses are still facing unforeseen errors and mishaps that impact operations and safety.

Current volatile economic conditions have limited funding and reduced onsite staff, increasing the need for remote access, automation and efficient risk management. There is also a greater desire to generate more value from existing assets.

Core corporate initiatives such as sustainability and digital transformation have accelerated, involving information sharing and application integration.

Working with a partner that has the competency and clear focus to bring free data flow across the entire value chain is the best approach to harness the power of digitalization and reliability culture for industries.

Steps to value

We make it easy to get started with pre-built asset models

Based on your assets' criticality level, the percentage that are already instrumented, and known bad actors. The number of pre-built models is constantly growing, together with the new impactful predictive analytics use cases for every industry

Static Rotary
 Electrical  Instruments & Devices
Heat Exchanger
Fired heater
Pressure safety valve
Pressure vessel
Storage tank
Centrifugal compressor
Centrifugal pump
Rotary pump
Gear box
Radial blower
Roller bearings
Mounted bearings
Turbine - gas
Turbine - steam
Electric generator
Circuit breaker
Control system
Control valve
On-off valve
(pressure, temp, flow)

Analyst views

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IoT Analytics

Technology maximizes the value of human contribution

From niche topic to high ROI killer application

A smarter way to digitize maintenance and reliability

Develop a vision for your operations

Reduce maintenance costs by


Reduce downtime by


Rationalize parts inventory by


Increase machine life by


Increase overall productivity by




"The streaming service and the cloud-based applications from ABB are actual examples of realization of OKEA's strategy to continuously improve and become more efficient in operations by partnering with our key suppliers."

Tord Hansen Tremoen, Manager Business Performance, OKEA

ABB and OKEA digital partnership

The Draugen oil platform is located 130 km off the coast of Norway in 250 meters of water. Previously, data was downloaded from the platform control system to intermediate databases. This stripped the data of the context and immediacy required to optimize operations. By putting new cloud-based analytics solutions from ABB to work at its onshore operations center, OKEA is closing the loop from data to value creation. AI, ML, creative problem-solving, expertise and collaboration can inspire more progress.


“We are privileged to be partnering with Enel Green Power, a digital pioneer, in their move from hours-based to predictive maintenance utilizing ABB Ability™ technologies for big data, machine learning and advanced analytics”

Kevin Kosisko, Managing Director, Energy Industries, ABB (2019)

Enel Green Power predicts maintenance needs for sustainable hydropower operation

This operator of 25.26GW of hydropower is partnering with ABB to transition 33 of its hydropower plants from an hours-based maintenance approach to a predictive and condition-based maintenance approach


“By moving to a predictive maintenance model, we aim to improve equipment reliability and reduce unplanned shutdowns. ABB’s solution was the ideal choice for CELSA because it can be easily integrated with any DCS system, it is also flexible and scalable”

Ramon Garriga, Plant Manager CELSA

ABB’s asset management solution set to boost efficiency and productivity at CELSA Barcelona

The ABB Ability™-based application monitors the health of a variety of production assets, including automation, instrumentation, electrical, mechanical and process equipment. It offers CELSA a complete overview of its production assets’ health, avoiding unnecessary maintenance, reducing exposure to hazardous areas and speeding repairs.


 "Some parts of the remote monitoring we have been able to do earlier, but not for so many different assets and while handling process optimization at the same time. The possibility of analysis have increased, and everything is now offered in one and the same environment”

Lena Stridsman, Digitalization Manager at ABB, Sweden

Detecting errors before they occur – on all components - is our goal

A typical pulp mill is connected to the network for 50,000 points and generates 10TB of data each year. The information comes from control system sensors, laboratory equipment, transformers and switchgear. Several components of Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill in Äänekoski - electrical system and 650 drives - are remotely connected to ABB's control center, help increase the factory's performance and runnability.
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Genix APM
Asset Vista
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Cyber security and data ownership

ABB's APM applications support all the deployment variants needed: on premise, on ABB managed or customer manages cloud, on customer private cloud / data center. You own your data. We ensure defence in depth cyber security, data protection, reliability, privacy, intellectual property.

The Cyber Security Reference Architecture is an ABB-developed design standard for industrial systems and associated security controls. ABB engineering teams use the architecture during system deployments, and ABB service units use it to update and modernize existing customer networks to bring them in line with current cyber security standards and best practices.

ABB Ability™ digital services have successfully improved the cyber security of industrial sites across the globe. Many customers have scheduled risk assessments as part of their ongoing annual service agreements, while others have implemented cyber security analytics dashboards to continuously monitor, diagnose and resolve security issues.


ABB’s security measures in the Reference Architecture meet or exceed IEC 62443-3-3 security level 2 (SL2) as defined in foundational requirement section 5 (RE5). It also aligns with other common standards such as the NIST framework, ISO 27001 and NERC-CIP. Implementing the reference architecture does not guarantee passage of external certification audits; however, ABB can support compliance for specific security standards with additional recommendations.

Digital transformation partnership

For every industrial operation ambitious about Industry 4.0, ABB has built a framework to help drive and manage a complex change.
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