ABB’s asset management solution for metals set to boost efficiency and productivity at CELSA Barcelona

ABB Ability™ Asset Vista Condition Monitoring for metals offers continuous monitoring of asset condition for major European steel long products producer

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ABB has successfully installed ABB Ability™ Asset Vista Conditioning Monitoring for metals at the CELSA III MBM mill in Barcelona, to help improve equipment reliability, prevent unplanned downtime, optimize maintenance and increase overall plant efficiency and productivity.

Backed by the knowledge bank of ABB’s extensive maintenance libraries for electrical equipment, the ABB Ability™-based application monitors the health of a variety of production assets, including automation, instrumentation, electrical, mechanical and/or process equipment. It offers CELSA a complete overview of its production assets’ health, avoiding unnecessary maintenance, reducing exposure to hazardous areas and speeding repairs.

“Our deep domain knowledge, technical expertise and ability to combine operational technology (OT) with informational technology (IT) are just some of the reasons metals customers are looking to collaborate with ABB as part of their digital transformation.”

  1. Severity level distribution
  2. Condition classification for quick decision support
  3. Identifying assets requiring attention
  4. Sub-condition tracking
  5. Critical asset tracking
  6. Maintenance action navigation bar (ECI/Mechanical)
  7. Asset grouping (plant area/criticality/structure/custom)
  1. No’ of events by severity level for decision support
  2. Asset condition statistics by severity level in %
  3. Top 10 critical assets
  4. Top 10 critical conditions
  5. Charts for easy visualization of asset condition statistics

Ramon Garriga, Plant Manager CELSA

“By moving to a predictive maintenance model, we aim to improve equipment reliability and reduce unplanned shutdowns in order to boost our overall efficiency. ABB’s condition monitoring solution was the ideal choice for CELSA because the software can be easily integrated with any DCS system and is also flexible and scalable,”

Rafael Margarit - ABB Digital Lead, Metals, Europe.

“ABB’s digital solution will provide a comprehensive and continuous overview of asset performance, facilitating CELSA’s transition to a predictive maintenance model.”

ABB Ability™ Asset Vista Conditioning Monitoring for metals will initially collect real-time data on the condition of common equipment across CELSA’s bar mill including hydraulic units, lubrication devices, motors, drives and sensors. In the future, it can be scaled up to assess and evaluate the health of more complex, specialized assets and components to cater to changing business demands.

The solution offers operations, automation and maintenance engineers an in-depth overview of the performance of plant equipment and systems. Reports generated by the software are periodically sent to the customer, enabling CELSA to plan and schedule maintenance activities based on the actual condition of equipment and systems at the mill, helping to boost operational efficiency, increase uptime and reduce costs.

“We look forward to leveraging ABB’s digital expertise, automation experience and end-to-end customer support to meet our digital transformation goals.”

CELSA Barcelona, part of CELSA™ Group, is one of Europe’s largest steel producers and has been manufacturing steel long products for the European market since 1957, with a production capacity of 2.5 million tons of steel, diversified in the production of reinforcing steels, wire rods, merchant bars and structural profiles.

Your Challenges
  • Demand for reduced maintenance and operational costs while increasing productivity

  • Need for improved equipment reliability and reduced unplanned shutdowns

Our Solution
  • A scalable approach that leverages your existing equipment data, our long-term experience in metals and extensive expertise in electrical equipment maintenance, to optimize and sustain your maintenance performance.

  • Proven maintenance methodologies

  • Asset monitor library with demonstrated results

  • User-friendly and maintenance-oriented dashboards and reports

  • Built on plant asset management 800xA Asset Optimization

  • Increased operational efficiency by eliminating unnecessary maintenance and improving mean time to repair.

  • Break up of information silos between operation, automation and maintenance personnel, ensuring smooth integration.

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