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Is Your Organization Crippled by Maintenance Issues and Unscheduled Downtime? Unlock the Hidden Potential in Your Assets with Asset Performance Management (APM)

Welcome to the future of industrial efficiency and reliability. Imagine a world where your assets not only perform at their peak but also contribute to your bottom line. That's the promise of ABB AbilityTM Genix Asset Performance Management , and we're here to show you how it can transform your operations.

Let’s take an example of a pulp and paper mill where every day is a struggle…

Frequent Breakdowns

Aging equipment is constantly breaking down, causing unscheduled downtime that disrupts production schedules and erodes profitability.

High Maintenance Costs

The mill spends a significant portion of its budget on reactive maintenance, with expensive emergency repairs becoming the norm.

Inefficient Operations

The paper mill operates below its production capacity due to the fear of overburdening fragile equipment, leading to missed targets and lower revenue growth.

The mill is in dire need of a solution.

By bringing in APM, the mill would be able to

Predictive Maintenance

Converge their data, apply AI and predictive analytics to forecast equipment failures. By addressing issues proactively, downtime is minimized, and maintenance costs are slashed.

Optimized Asset Performance

APM would also provide insights improve the operating efficiency of each piece of machinery. This not only would improve output but also reduce energy consumption, resource wastage and operational costs.

Enhanced Decision-Making

With the actionable insights that APM provides, the mill's management would be able to take informed data-backed decisions about asset investments, replacements, and upgrades, ensuring long-term sustainability and growth.

How about this case of a troubled mining operation, plagued by inefficiencies:

Unplanned Shutdowns

Escalating Maintenance Expenses

Reduced Profitability

Frequent equipment failures has led to unplanned production stoppages, causing costly delays and impacting output.

In the absence of any reliable insights to prevent incidents, the mine spends a significant portion of its budget on reactive maintenance, but with escalating repair and replacement costs due to aging equipment.

As operational costs soar because of lower asset reliability it has affected productivity also lowered profit margins.

The mine desperately needs a turnaround

With APM,

Real-time Monitoring

Data-Driven Insights

Cost Reduction

With real-time monitoring of critical equipment, it is possible to detect anomalies and potential failures before they disrupt operations, thus preventing unexpected breakdowns.

APM collects various data on different parameters from various equipment, deriving actionable insights into equipment health. With this knowledge, proactive decisions can be taken improve asset reliability and longevity.

By minimizing downtime, extending the life of mining equipment, and optimizing maintenance schedules, APM substantially reduces maintenance costs and improves overall profitability.

Now that you've seen how APM can turnaround struggling industrial operations, explore what it can do for you. With our APM calculator, you can provide some basic details and get a high-level estimate of what you can expect from implementing Genix APM.

Take your first step towards a more efficient operation? Try our APM Calculator now!

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