Energy management and optimization at Public Works Government Services Canada

ABB energy efficiency software for offices, heating and cooling plants, HV, water and sewage distribution systems of various size, complexity and age.

PWGSC is responsible for government assets including office buildings, central heating and cooling plants as well as high voltage, water and sewage distribution systems that vary in size, complexity and age. Its activities include delivering, verifying, planning and reporting on utilities, such as electricity, natural gas, water and different grades of fuel, for all of these facilities. These tasks are complicated by the need to deal with different energy suppliers and different energy commodities for many internal departments and other government departments.

PWGSC found that the multiple budgeting, reporting, billing and planning systems in place could not effectively manage all of its required energy and asset management activities. As a result, it compiled comprehensive specifications for a new energy management system. The answer proved to be ABB’s Energy Manager.
Public Works Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
"We identified ABB Energy Manager as the one commercial off-the-shelf software package that could provide us with a unified approach to energy conservation and optimization across all of our facilities."
Furthermore, by providing “what-if” scenarios and contract management, Energy Manager helps optimize energy costs. The system collects real-time data from different energy markets, such as the Independent Electrical System Operator, Environment Canada and other energy markets within North America. Energy Manager tools support the analysis of the cost impact of different combinations of electricity and natural gas purchased from different sources, and provide the information needed to negotiate and purchase different energy commodities directly from the main suppliers and markets.

Main facts

Industry: Buildings and infrastructure

Company: Public Works Government Services

Location: Canada

Supplied reports:

  • Energy usage and cost per m2 for all utilities per day/month/year
  • Energy usage and cost by building
  • Average daily profile – showing average pattern of demand over a specified period by individual meter/multiple meters/building
  • Aggregate analysis – totalizing data points and determining peak, minimum and maximum consumption to determine demand-limiting options for all utilities.
  • Normalization of building consumption against its characteristics
  • Temperature and weather correlation
  • Benchmarking

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