Industrial energy management and optimization

The ABB Ability™ Energy Management System (EMS) is a real-time energy management solution that maximizes sustainability performance and energy cost savings through a cycle of monitoring, forecasting, and optimizing energy consumption and supply for an entire facility or enterprise. EMS helps process industries and manufacturing organizations make data-driven decisions about environmental, financial, and operational cost/benefit trade-offs while working toward carbon neutrality.

Energy monitoring & reporting

Improve energy efficiency, ESG compliance and productivity

An online platform for monitoring, automated reporting against targets and decision support
  • Bring transparency over energy consumption and sustainability performance
  • Influence organization and routines around continuous improvement of energy efficiency
  • Achieve and maintain ISO 500001 certification

Forecasting and planning

Avoid energy demand and supply risks, price peaks, and penalty charges

Planning tools that forecast energy consumption & calculate the corresponding energy supply schedule
  • Purchase the right level of power in liberalized power market and minimize costs
  • Predict complex/variable energy demand with temporary peaks more accurately
  • Design the most effective production plan given power/energy constraints

Energy optimization

Utilize energy price volatility and process flexibility for optimal production scenarios

Holistic energy supply & demand optimization depending on your business objectives:
  • Minimize the total energy cost, reduce emission levels or maximize the total profit of the operations
  • Leverage process flexibility for peak shaving, load shedding, shifting production when energy is cheaper
  • Leverage flexibility in energy sources to enable effective energy procurement strategy

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