Manufacturing Operations Management - Dashboard

The Dashboard Application allows users to organize and analyze business critical KPIs and production data on interactive dashboards.

Dashboards can include data across all ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Applications, reports and any external data sources hosted by Manufacturing Operations Management data services. This ensures that users can build relevant dashboards combining any data regardless of the MOM application or data source. Users simply create as many Dashboards as needed to give the complete picture of their operations and business objectives.

The dashboards are easy to group and organize with all other MOM applications. This gives users easy access to their relevant dashboards and nimble navigation to other MOM applications for more detailed analysis in different contexts.

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  • Fast configuration. A Dashboard is built in just a few minutes.
  • Smart intelligent search across all ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Applications and data sources to easily find your data
  • Flexible. Designed for touch interactions to support Windows tablets.
  • Interactive to support collaborative group discussion on large screen solutions such as ABB Collaboration Table.

Dashboards are built in just a few minutes using the powerful search engine which allows users to simply search for data across all MOM Applications, reports and external data sources.

Dashboards support view mode, but also an interactive mode in which users can interact with the data in the Dashboard such as zoom and change settings in different graphs and trends. The user can switch back and forth between design and interactive mode to continuously modify and perform analysis.  The interactive mode also supports duplication of data controls such as trends and graphs with a new time scope. This is very useful when analyzing abnormal situations when compared to the same data from a
different time periods. Another feature of interactive mode is the Back in Time. The Back in Time function enabled users to move back and forth in time and view the data accordingly. Users can play back different scenarios and view the data seamlessly within the selected time span.

Dashboard Application on Collaboration Table

Team work and collaboration are key to maximizing the output of your team. ABBs unique Collaboration Table provides an intuitive user friendly environment where multiple users can share their knowledge and ideas at the same time. The Dashboard Application is designed to support teams working on the Collaboration Table. The large screen combined with the unique features of the Dashboard Applicationa give a completely new level of understanding to your operations regardless of which data is being analyzed.

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