EHS, sustainability, digitalization and the overall business strategy [WEBINAR ON DEMAND]

According to the LNS Research, high-risk industries carry an inherent risk in the nature of their operations, with an expected increase in Environmental, Health and Safety compliance obligations. Yet there are differences when comparing their business objectives against leaders. Surprisingly high-risk industries EHS Management Functions rate Improved Sustainability and Better managed operational risk lowest for business objectives.

Following the analysts' recommendations, will will share how enterprises in mining, cement, metals, pulp and paper and manufacturing can learn from the best practices to:

  • Increase alignment of EHS initiatives with business strategy
  • Incorporate EHS 4.0 into Industrial Transformation initiatives
  • Leverage Sustainability and ESG initiatives
  • Align with data analytics capabilities

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Join ABB's Process Industries team sharing real-life case studies about:

  • Sustainability pathways beyond energy management: industrial water treatment, predictive emission monitoring, empowering front-line workers.
  • Integrating sustainability into centralized digital operations: convergence with asset performance, process performance, operational excellence, industrial analytics and AI.



Irina Descharmes
Product Marketing, Digital Portfolio
Sustainability | Connected Workforce

Anis Korchi
Digital Portfolio Leader

Nazanin Azari
Digital Solution Consultant
Sustainability | Connected Workforce

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