Data collection and storage with ABB Ability™ MOM Services Connect and History

Collect, store and organize valuable production data cross your plants control systems and disparate data sources

Complete production insight in industrial plants requires data collection throughout the entire production chain. The ABB Ability™ MOM Services Connect provides robust, cyber secure high capacity data collections from any control system and interfaces to data that resides in any other data sources e.g. ERP, CMMS, databases and flat files. ABB Ability™ MOM Services History provides long time storage of process data and transactional data.



Connect is a portfolio of data connectors, forming a secure, high throughput, high volume connectivity solution for storage of process data and integration and data access to other data sources. On the control system network Connect runs as a data collection software. Connectors using buffers to ensure data storage even if the link to the ABB Ability™ MOM Services main server might be down. Connect also allows for redundant collectors to ensure high availability. Performance is very quick, allowing thousands changes per second, with 100 nanosecond resolution. Connect also provides real-time value of all signals which are stored to ABB Ability™ MOM Services History and the ability to secure write data to the control system.

Connect also provides integration to disparate data sources such as databases and ERP systems. ABB Ability™ MOM Services provide standard integration to e.g. SQL Server and other data sources are easy integrated using the powerful Accessor concept and templates in the ABB Ability™ MOM SDK (Software Development).

The native Connect to ABB Ability™ System 800xA benefits from the powerful concept of Extended Automation. Data collection to ABB Ability™ MOM Services is configured as part of the standard 800xA engineering workflow including automatic tag synchronization for effective change management and system maintenance. All process data stored in ABB Ability™ MOM Services History is available from 800xA workplaces for trending, event presentation and Excel reporting.

For ABB Essential Automation and 3rd party control systems, Connect uses a generic OPC data connector. Supported interfaces are OPC DA, HDA and UA. Data collection is configured using the ABB Ability™ MOM Services History configuration tool including powerful bulk data engineering tools.


The ABB Ability™ MOM Services server including History typically resides outside the control system domain and connected to and storing data from several different control systems and other applications using ABB Ability™ MOM Services Connect. History stores large amounts of process data at very high speed, typically time stamped series values and event data.

History can support up to 150.000 logs, multi-year storage and high throughput. Aggregated data (e.g. Min, Max, Sum, Average, Minute, Hour, Day, Year) can be produced without additional configuration using standard calculations. Additional data transformation and calculation is easy applied using the built in powerful Calculations engine. History also supports secure write transaction including authentication and Audit Trail to the control system networks.

ABB Ability™ MOM Services History server provides well defined ODBC and OPC interfaces for data integration to any Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) application or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. ABB Ability™ MOM Services server including History will act as a hub connecting various ISA-95 Level 3 system using standard interfaces such as ODBC and OPC DA, HDA, UA.

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