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Big Data and decision-making in industrial plants

How to turn large amounts of industrial data - Big Data - into information that provides managers with the right insights for decision-making, in order to plan, optimize and continuously improve industrial plant operations.

The industrial development is unstoppable in today’s agile and competitive business environment. Over the past decades, industrial automation has evolved to become driven by big data, thanks to technological innovation and advancements of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Raw data is useless, unless it is turned into knowledge. Data needs to be analyzed and applied ambitiously and innovatively – to the benefit of decision-makers, the individual industry, and the whole network.The answer is software-based analytics and decision tools suited for industrial operations management solutions.
Previously, business intelligence (BI) solutions focused mostly on internal structured data and processed that information in regularly occurring cycles. Big data expands your view of the enterprise by increasing the range and variety of data that can be analyzed so that you have additional context and insight to enable better decision making. In addition, big data scales in a predictable and straightforward way, both in size and speed, so that business analytics reporting solutions can grow with your business.

Speed is also important.  With decreased time to actionable results, big data can provide an advantage by adding a real-time view capability that can enable your personnel to be more responsive in day-to-day situations.

Cyber secure system with actionable information dashboard and apps to plan and optimize industrial plant operations, based on data from control systems, ERP and other sources

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