Extended automation

ABB pioneered process control and automation in the 1980s, and is today the global leader in distributed control systems that automate and manage the processes used to convert raw materials into a continuous flow of high-quality products.

These systems, used in process industries such as chemicals and oil and gas, as well as power generation, make use of sensors, actuators, controllers and computers to enable human operators to manage and control entire processing plants safely and cost effectively, while minimizing waste and ensuring consistent product quality.

In 2004, ABB took process control to a new level with the launch of its System 800xA, which expanded traditional automated control to include all plant automation functions in a single operation and engineering platform.

System 800xA is one of the flagship products of the ABB Ability™ platform. It consolidates process, electrical, safety, and telecommunications into one system as well as links production plants at different sites, and in various countries, into a single, integrated entity.

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