What are low-voltage products about?

  • It is:
  • keeping the electricity flowing in the data center so your son can check Facebook 24/7 (sorry)
  • supporting electrical installers with the best fitting instructions and training
  • providing distributors with the broadest range of electrical products and service support
  • providing the best engineering software for a Systems Integrator
  • protecting your Granny when her cup of tea spills on the television
  • controlling the flow of electricity in your Uncle’s small manufacturing line
  • reducing your electricity bill through smart building automation in your apartment building
  • protecting your prized sound system when lightning strikes
  • putting the lights on when you put the key card in the hotel room wall
  • it’s providing every single switchgear and motor control center for a global leader in the oil business

For a safer, smarter and more reliable flow of electricity

ABB Electrification business supports a range of customers, connecting, protecting and automating critical business processes. It also include: 


Fast facts:

Over 48,000 employees worldwide

More than 110 manufacturing sites in 35 countries

Sales in over 100 countries

Delivering around 1.5 million products every day

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