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BIMagic® Designer is our free, easy to use Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool that allows you seamlessly integrate ABB products into your projects quickly and error proof from our comprehensive, ever-expanding BIM product catalogue.


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Latest products and features additions

  • BIM file is now also available in ifc and dwg format
  • Product info are now available in the View 3D page

  • SafeRing - Gas Insulated RMU
  • SafePlus - Gas Insulated Switchgear
  • UniGear 12-17kV 50kA
  • UniGear MCC 50kA
  • UniGear 550mm
  • UniGear 24kV 25kA

At ABB BIM is our way

ABB is continuing to invest in:

  • Expansion of the BIM solutions within our catalogue 
  • Collaboration with customers to improve the quality of our BIM offering 
  • Design of smarter tools making our Customers' lives easier
  • Providing a network of technical promoters to collaborate with you on your project whenever you need

Vision of Building information Modeling at ABB

Our vision of the future for BIM is for it to be common place in building design, widely used by all stakeholders throughout a buildings' lifecycle.

We see a future where all ABB Electrification products are available to our users, containing all the data to benefit everyone involved in a building, from architect and BIM professionals, to Electrical Installer and MEP engineers up to facility managers and owners as well. Collaborating with users at each stage of the building lifecycle will ensure we provide everyone with the data they need to make their lives simple, saving time and improving efficiencies. 

We see BIM as an important solution towards tackling climate change through its use to create digital twins of a building, to try new ways of improving a buildings performance and reducing carbon footprint. 

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