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BIM is our way


BIM is our way to collaborate with BIM users to develop models that perfectly meet their needs. It is our way to enhance business plans to save time and money through our solutions. It is our way to enable users to operate buildings seamlessly through BIM and to create their buildings’ digital twin.

BIM is our way to create sustainable buildings for the future.

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What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of objects used in the planning, designing, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings. In other words, the full lifecycle management of a buildings and its components.

BIMs are computer files which contain holistic data exclusive to a specific component, which can be used for a variety of purposes including geometry for spacing calculations, power or safety ratings, declaration of standard conformity and more.


environment care

The benefits of BIM go far beyond planning and design phases, spanning the entire building life cycle. Due to the data held within BIM files, the record keeping of each component is much more efficient, improving accessibility, accountability, and project management.

This includes all phases of a buildings lifecycle from construction and project management through to facility operation and cost management and is ever increasingly relied upon to create ‘green buildings'. 


How we support you

Consultation for Facility managers, Architects, BIM/CAD managers, Engineers and more on how to electrify their building with BIM.

Collaboration to find out what you need, listening to your feedback to
offer tailored solutions and enhance what we provide to you.

Compliance to the latest standards is essential. We ensure that our BIM data is kept up to date so you get the best out of your BIM designs.

BIM benefits in the construction life-cycle for

Building Owners and Investors

are able to evaluate accurately the ROI minimizing risks and losses

Architects and Planners

save time and costs thanks to accurate data and collaboration-based BIM processes

Facility Managers

can easily create and share checklists. All the operators are informed and they exactly know how to manage the smart buildings complexity

BIM Managers

are the new construction industry stakeholders who support on create, coordinate and manage BIM processes

End users

benefits from flexibility, sustainability and efficiency in smarter buildings


have a clear schedule of the entire project: responsibilities are easily addressable and issues are quickly solved

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