Building Solutions for Hospitality

Digital solutions allow the integration of system components to achieve a full phygital hotel experience.

Any stay in a hotel is going to be a digital experience with the use of non-touch biometrics, wayfinding, Bluetooth heat mapping to avoid queuing. Environmental issues play an important role for guest decision making on where to stay and efficiency is crucial for owners as well as guests. Make hospitality sector a future-ready experience with ABB Building Solutions.

Why choosing ABB Building Solutions for Hospitality?

Performance & Benefits

Flexible buildings allow reconfiguration without major investments and reduce lead times.

Performance & Benefits

Pursue corporate goal and practical effort to reach carbon neutral operation and attract more guests with environmental certifications.

Performance & Benefits

Provide highly comfortable living and working environments for guests and staff .

Performance & Benefits

Optimize the building energy consumption and support efficient use of resources, implementing measures to save electricity and utilities.

Performance & Benefits

Provide the right conditions of lighting level, shading, air quality, and
temperature, to enhance performances and offer top-quality services .

Performance & Benefits
Cost of Ownership

Obtain full transparency of operational and maintenance costs for single hotel and across chain.

Performance & Benefits

Connect buildings and its intelligent components minimizing risks and vulnerabilities with proper cyber security & data storage.

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