ABB i-bus® KNX DALI Gateway Premium

Buildings just got smarter

Alongside KNX building automation, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) has become the most important lighting control in the building management system.

The ABB DALI Gateways serves as the interface between the KNX installation in the building and the digital DALI lighting control system, and therefore unites the two most important building automation standards.

ABB’s DALI range now includes 7 different types of DALI gateways for nearly every purpose. The latest addition to the range includes two DALI gateways with tunable white and color control functionality, completing the existing range of ABB i-bus® KNX lighting control products.

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Main benefits

Maximum flexibility in lighting design

Tunable White and color control functionality in one device single and group controlled

Promote well-being

The Human Centric Lighting functionality has a positive effect on human concentration, performance and health

Impressive lighting atmosphere

Set your building in the right light with individual scene and sequencer configuration

Support emergency lighting

Gateway between DALI emergency lighting and Building Management System

Energy efficiency

Reduce energy costs through integration into a load control system

Easy commissioning & maintenance

Thanks to ETS template pages, ABB i-bus® Tool and recording of the operating time of connected loads

Main features

  • Up to 64 DALI devices per channel
  • Controlling individual DALI devices, DALI groups and DALI emergency devices with one DALI Gateway
  • KNX controls and monitors the lighting system with the gateway by means of broadcast, single or group control
  • Tunable White, Human Centric Lighting (HCL), Dim2Warm, RGB(W)*, HSV(W)*
  • In addition to scenes, 4 sequences* per DALI output can be used for various lighting scenarios. Thanks to tables the parameterization in the ETS is easier than ever before!
  • Flexible maintenance cycles by recording the operating time* (for individual EVGs or DALI groups)
  • Standby shutdown and integration into a load control system to save energy*
  • Optimization of operating costs by avoiding load peaks*
  • DALI-2 certified according to IEC62386
  • Fast and intuitive diagnostic functions thanks to the ABB i-bus® Tool
  • Easier and faster device configuration of several devices thanks to the ABB ETS App Update Copy Convert

* NEW from ETS application version 2.0

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